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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Day Ahead

But first, here's Q with his swollen eye, splotchy forehead (which you really can't see) and water from his eye smeared all over his face. Surprisingly, I still find him to be adorable...even in that state.

We have a big day ahead of us (which really means that I should be in bed right now).
1. Chris is getting up and going into town to teach Sunday School. The girls and Q are staying home with me so that we can
A. pack to go to Meme's
B. bathe
C. finish food preparation (Chris didn't leave me anything difficult to do, so I should be ok)
D. wrap presents (we're celebrating Tom's birthday and Mother's Day)
E. check all of the online sales papers (this is my most favorite Sunday morning activity)
THEN, when Chris hightails it home after Sunday School, we will
2. eat a quick lunch
3. load up the van
4. head to Meme's

There, we will have an afternoon frolicking in the pool, eating my mom's yummy, oh so yummy, warm potato salad (it has avocado in it!) (and she's making it just for me!) and other various treats. We will stay for dinner and then come home a family of 3 - me, Chris and Quinn. The girls are having some alone time with Mems and Pops until Wednesday. Which is good news for me because they are no longer sick and grating on my nerves. They began slamming doors today. It was not pleasant. Just, you know, FYI.

I'm sure that I will be posting pictures tomorrow. I will spare you the pictures of me in a bathing suit. (side note: As a child, I called a "bathing suit" a "bailing loot". Apparently I not only had issues with s's but also th's. Awesome, right?) But I will not spare any pictures of Q hamming it up. Until then...And to all, a good night!

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sharonp said...

you might want to keep the water out of his ears...just sayin.