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Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh, and Let Me Just Say This

...I am exhausted! Did you watch Grey's last night? I must say, I live for this show. I know that I am going to cry when the day comes that it goes off the air. Sob and wail, perhaps even hyperventilating. My world will never be the same when that day comes.

But anyway, OMG! Talk about a high stress season finale! At 9:30, I turned to Chris and said, "Holy crap! I feel like there is a shooter in our house, I am so on edge!" And I felt that way until they rolled the credits at 11. And then I was all sorts of worked up and couldn't go to sleep. Did you watch? Did you feel this way too????


sharonp said...

I had to step away during the commercial to de-stress. I was ready to kick some ass if Alex and McDreamy died. And Bailey was awesome. I think she'll get an emmy for that

In The Pursuit of Education said...

It was so intense! I was exhausted after watching it!! Love that show!

The Hines Troop said...

I was shaking the whole entire time I watched it. I had eternal butterflies in my tummy. I was exhausted afterwards.