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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fabulous New Things and A Wonderful Morning

A little zebra print, anyone? {$26}

Charmingly Bright No.826 {$26} Ok, maybe its not quite No.826, but sometimes to feels that way. But they are my favorite item to make - I love picking out all of the different colored stones.

Super Long Magnificent Earrings {$12}

If all goes well, these items (along with a few more) will be posted in the shop sometime this evening. I cannot tell you a time because Quinn is running wide open today. I've been working on this post now for well over an hour.

And now on to my completely wonderful morning... On the other side of the world (ok, it was the other side of Athens...but it did take me 56 minutes to get there) we celebrated the upcoming birth of my new niece at Emily's baby shower, hosted by the wonderful Mrs. Maxine. Delicious food, fantastic company, and Em got a ton of great gifts for Baby X. (They still haven't decided on a name. I think they should go with Coco...I mean if your last name rhymes with Chanel, like theirs does, how could you pass this up???) We have an outstanding UMW group at our church and several of the ladies were there this morning, including Mrs. Maxine (which would just be silly if she wasn't there since it was her house) and Pastor Lisa. Next weekend they will be leaving to go on a two week long mission trip to Kenya. Everyone is very excited about this, and so when the conversation turned to their Kenya preparations, Maxine jumped at the chance to show off some of her new purchases for the trip...including a large backpack, safari type hat and rubbers to wear over her shoes. She even tried them on and gave us a little fashion show.

I was hysterical with laughter and then Maxine's daughter turned to me and said, "You're going to blog about this later, huh?" And through my tears I nodded my head, "Yes. Yes, I am."

Pastor Lisa then helped me out by snapping some pictures to add to my post. Maxine adamantly told me that "she was not going to end up on the internet." But Pastor Lisa told me it was ok. And she is the pastor. And she is the one who is traveling with Mrs. Maxine for two weeks, not me, so I figured I have the proper permission. Shortly after I came home from the shower, Pastor Lisa emailed me the pictures with the subject line, "For the Blog!" Enjoy!

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