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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Girls plus Andre Evening

{Christy, Molly, Juli, Angie and Beth}

I had a girls night (plus Andre, who was our fabulous chef for the evening) at Molly's tonight. My children were glad to see me go because they knew they were in danger of receiving a smack down. No one seems to know how to flush the toilet in my house (aside from me, Chris and Q...I'll let you figure out who is having trouble remembering). The same culprits do not know how to keep the toothpaste on their toothbrush, in their mouth or in the tube, and not all over the bathroom counter (which I suppose is better than the stair railing). I also believe that when I say, "Watch your brother for a minute while I go to the bathroom/blow dry my hair/get the mail, etc." that they then close their eyes...because twice today bad things happened after I made this request.
1. Quinn colored his legs with a black sharpie. I do not know where the black sharpie came from or why no one took it away from him.
2. He dumped a plate of cheezits on the kitchen floor, danced on them, and they left it there with no attempt to clean up the mess. Then when I came out of the bathroom I asked Casey to sweep them up. She swept the whole pile into the corner of the kitchen and left it there.

So, I was glad to go to Molly's and they were glad to see me go (I don't know this for sure, but I have my suspicions...and maybe not Chris, although he claimed he had enough social-ness this week and couldn't do another social outing). Juli is in town before her summer in Wisconsin and then travels to Seattle. It was (as always) great to see her. Beth joined us this evening, which was a great treat and Christy was also there (this is my once a year visit with Christy). Andre cheffed it up for us tonight with these amazing tomatoes filled with feta cheese, chives, drizzled olive oil and cracked pepper. I think I ate 12 of them. And then these fantastic portobello mushrooms with cheese and oinions, grilled and placed inside a toasted bun. He also grilled some fruit...but I am anti-fruit, so I didn't try it. A round of applause to Andre - for preparing a yummy, yummy meal for us and just being, well, one of the girls tonight.

ps - Please note that in the picture, I did not get the wear dark colors memo. This happens to me all the time. I went to a girls dinner a couple of months ago - everyone (and I am not exaggerating) wore a black top of some sort and me...yeah, I wore white. What can I say? Black just isn't me so much.


Unknown said...

Wow! You are fast with the updates girl. Love your site, it was really good to see you again after all these years.

molly said...

Awwh! What an AWEsome evening with my girls. So glad you came and thanks for bringing goodies. Andre had a great time too. He kept saying how wonderful my friends are after you all left. I said, "That's right! My girls are amazing."