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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Welcome! So, I'm guessing that some of you have made it over here from My Giveaway Today and I am glad to have you! Let me introduce myself. I'm Angie...mother of 3 (8 year old identical twin girls - Casey and Chandler, and one almost 2 year old boy - Quinn), wife of 1 (Chris). Quinn doesn't always look as *happy* as he does in the above picture. The girls pretty much always look like that. And my husband, well, he knows better than to not smile in a picture. I have a day job (which I completely love) as an elementary school librarian. My husband is a middle school math teacher. We live outside of Athens, the country. We're both UGA Alums with degrees in Middle School Education, Children's Literature, Educational Pyschology and School Library Media. Whew! When I finished my last round of grad school, I found that I had some time on my hands and was in desperate need of a creative outlet. So, I started making jewelry. For myself. And then people liked it, so I made gifts. And then people wanted to buy it. So, I started my etsy shop, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I began blogging almost 2 years ago, mainly as a record for myself and to entertain my family with the never ending, crazy, stories of my children. Since I started making jewelry, I have had several giveaways on my blog and I often post pictures of my latest work before I add it to my etsy shop.

This is where I work. Well, not during the day (I spend that time in a library...with lots of little kids), but at night I sit here and I work. My 3 are often in there with me, which is why the backside of the room looks like something exploded and demolished half the room's organizational system. Seriously. Why would I post a picture like this? That's crazy. But the orange and gray walls? You love them, don't you? :)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope you come back again soon!


Dr. Jones said...

I always knew that librarians are creative folks and you prove it. Your jewelry is lovely.

Shary said...

I like your craft space. It looks like mine would if I had an actual SPACE for crafting. :)

Jennifer said...
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