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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Casey's Explanation

Chris and I are both teachers. We are not big fans of standardized testing, but we understand that it has become part of life, and more specifically, part of our lives. The girls are at testing age and last year they did really well - they both exceeded all 3 areas that they were tested in. This year, Casey exceeded in all 3 areas and Chan only exceeded in 2. She scored an 845 in Math and an 850 is the line for exceeding. Essentially, she missed one question to not be the exceeding category. Casey took the time to explain to me why this may have happened.

Casey: Mama, you shouldn't worry about Chan's score. She probably just had to go poo a lot that day and she lost focus. I know. That happened to me during testing. It was all the mints. They made me have to go poo, like, every hour.

And there you have it. For the record, I am not at all worried about Chan's scores. She did a great job. Especially in Reading - a 920 - a perfect score!!! She did not miss a single question in that section!

1 comment:

sharonp said...

and they say giving them mints helps them do better! I'd be more worried about the poo.