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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good For My Soul

This is where I spent my day. Ok, well maybe not the actual place where this picture was taken. But I was in a library, and no, it wasn't my own. If you know me, or have read my about me section, then you know that I am a librarian (media specialist...whatever). I try very hard to not blog about work, for a whole list of reasons, with not getting myself fired at the top of the list. I not only consider myself lucky to have a job (especially right now) but consider myself to be super lucky in that I have a job that I love. But, like anything that you do in life, there are times when you begin to feel burned out, run down, out of ideas, and just, well, not fresh. Do you know what I mean? But today? Today is definitely NOT one of those days. I spent the day in an elementary school media center, that was not my own, visiting with a friend of mine that I went to grad school with. He was recently named Teacher of the Year at his school. Yes, the media specialist was named TOTY. Which, really, is a remarkable thing in itself. We spent the day together having library conversations...not about books...but about lessons and units and practices and applications, student incentives, collaborating with teachers...everything that I used to talk about with my cohort of grad students for two years. It helped keep my mind in shape and not bogged down with all the ho-hum business of school.

Today was good, not only for my mind, but for my soul. I left there swimming with ideas and sad that I have to wait until next school year to try out these ideas. And so, thank you, my dear friend, Andy, for sharing your wisdom and your ideas and your positive attitude with me. It was good for my soul.


Crystal Farish said...

Love that picture. There's just something about rows and rows of books that speaks to my heart.

Andy Plemmons said...

What a wonderful post, and yes, it is so good to sit down with a librarian friend and have some professional and candid conversation. You are welcome anytime, and one of these days I'll make it out to Hall Co. too :-) I've been seriously thinking about that thought you had about a Skype book club. Maybe we can make it happen.