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Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear GLEE, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Sometimes I am a little slow. Its true. And typically, I don't catch onto new shows very easily. I am somewhat anti-TV. I watch what I watch and I really don't channel surf or try new things. This is my usual line up....

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Dancing With the Stars (but its not the end of the world if I miss it)
3. I've been known to watch a season or 2 of The Bachelor/Bachelorette

I hulu Private Practice, and I catch episodes of Castle, Modern Family and Cougar Town from time to time.

All the hype this year has been about GLEE and I had never watched it. I was leery of the campiness of the show. I try to fill my brain with more serious matters (you know, like, DWTS and the Bachelor). The majority of the people in my life watch it, rave about it and live to see it every week. But I'm slow, remember? So, Chris and I have been having 3 episode evenings after I made the purchase last week of Season 1, Part 1 and I must say...I am in love. In love, I tell you!

And now I'll say this...Mother-in-law of mine, if you have not watched this, you must! You can borrow ours. You will love it too!


sharonp said...

I don't need it my dear. I've been watching since the pilot episode!

The Hines Troop said...

Glad you are now a fellow Gleek. I love this damn show and yes, Sharon would too!

Crystal Farish said...

Have you watched the episode where they sing Defying Gravity? I bawled. Loveeeeee glee. Sue Sullivan's my hero (Not really, but she's stinkin funny.)

Crystal Farish said...

Man . . . where have you been is right!!! Now you have to watch Modern Family, and The Middle. So hilarious.