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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quinn is an Only Child

It is strange not having the girls here. I really can't remember when the last time was that we had Q alone. Whenever it was, it has definitely been awhile. Yesterday was rainy and yucky and we had to get creative in what we should do with our only child. He slept until 9:30am (hooray!), ate a big breakfast, and then watched a little TV (while Chris and I laid on the couches and read while the rain came down). He took a shower with dad, lounged on the bed with mom, and then we broke out the paints.
Although he is very serious about his art, he is also a super speedy, prolific artist. We laughed as we recalled how the girls used to be the same would take us 15 minutes to set up a craft and then they would paint/playdoh/clay/cut and glue/build for 6 minutes and have 92 new creations in those 6 minutes and then be ready to move on to something else. Oh, the attention span of a child.

Look! He made a Z!

After the painting, we ate lunch. He loved the left overs of my mom's potato salad and would say "YUMMMMM!!!!" and do a little dance as he was eating it. After lunch I began to have a little crisis that we didn't really have a plan for the day. I'm a planner and it rocks my world when there is no plan. It was wet and rainy, so the park and other outdoor activities were not options. I didn't want to be tempted to spend money, so the mall was out. And then Chris had a brilliant idea...there is a huge furniture store in an old mill building up the road from our house, so he suggested we go there and just let the boy run up and down the aisles of furniture. Chris sold me on the idea by saying, "It'll be fun. And it'll remind me of our first date." Which is true. On our first official, actual, I think I might want to date this person date, we went to Jillian's to play some games and then wandered through several furniture stores. You can tell a lot about a person and whether or not you're compatible by the type of furniture they like. So, we grabbed the diaper bag and headed out. Quinn had a great time for about 40 minutes, then laid himself out in the middle of the aisle and began pitching a fit, which was then our cue to head back to the house. It was perfect timing for his nap.

Last night, Drew and CB came over with Loralai and a couple of pizzas for dinner. I love having them over. We've been friends long enough that its ok that my house is a wreck and I don't have on any make up. Q and Loralai are destined to be great friends. They go to school together and are always so surprised and excited when they see each other outside of school. At the dinner table last night, Q just kept looking at L with this look of disbelief that she was actually there. Eating. At his house. In his kitchen. After dinner, us adults sat on the couches, chatting, while the kiddos roamed and chased each other in laps around the living room. I tried to get a picture of them being sweet to each other, but it was not going to happen. Here's what I did capture...

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