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Saturday, June 19, 2010


We left our house yesterday at 6pm. At approx. 6:04pm, I asked Chris if we had put my purse in the van. He had not. So we turned around and headed back to the house. At 6:08pm will left our house for the second time.

We hit traffic on both I-75 and I-285 and it stayed thick all the way to Chattanooga.

At 1:15am, Quinn began arching his back and screaming bloody murder. We stopped in good ole' Elizabethtown, Kentucky to get a room for the night. But, like always, they were all full. So, we drove into Louisville and checked in to the Hampton Inn at 2am. Quinn was very excited about the middle of the night arrival, the fact that he was finally having his 2am party and it was in full effect since we let him have a capri sun and a movie from Elizabethtown to Louisville. He was also excited about the elevator, the new room, the room with 2 beds, the room that mom and dad and Quinn would all be sleeping in. And because I don't trust him in a bed without rails yet, he and I slept together while Chris had a bed to himself.

To make a long story short (because I am super tired) we arrived at almost 4pm this afternoon. In one piece. And I think that Q may forgive us one day for having him strapped into a car seat for hour after hour after hour.

This is a nugget of great storytelling from this trip that I will have to save for a time when my little fingers are not so sleepy and my brain is not so overwhelmed. But, be on the look out for it. :)

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