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Friday, June 11, 2010

Recital Weekend '10

This is where I spent the vast majority of my day. Out on the lawn, in front of Pearce Auditorium on the Breneau Campus. It would have been perfect...if it had been about 15 degrees cooler with at least some kind of breeze. But it was 90, and a sticky 90 at that, with nothing to cool us off except for the shade of the tree. There is something to be said for watching your children sit on a blanket and have sweat dripping down the sides of their faces.

The girls have been in dance this year - Casey in tap and ballet, Chan in hip hop. This will, more than likely, be their last year of dance together. Casey is sticking with it, but Chan is moving on to piano next year. Today was the big dress rehearsal. So the pictures below are not actual show pictures. (I know, you're very disappointed.)

That's my child, in the back on the right. She is wildly swinging her rope and shaking her hips. Note: she is completely in her own world.

That's Chan...front and center...praying before the dance begins. No, really, I think she was actually praying. Its important to pray before you dance. I do, before I take the dance floor at weddings. A good prayer never hurt any dancer.

Casey: "Please, Mama. Its so hot." I'm not sure what she thought I could do about that.

But we survived. Casey's performance is tomorrow. Chan's performance is Sunday. This is our original plan:
Tomorrow, I will stay home with Q and Chris and his parents will take the girls.
Sunday, Chris will stay home with Q and my parents, my aunt and I will take the girls.

I say "original" plan because Chris's fever has now turned into vomiting. Awesome. He may, or may not, be attending Recital Weekend '10.

ps - The giveaway is still open!

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