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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pictures From Today

I've been working on some earrings to wear with the Charmingly necklaces. Above are to match the multicolored Charmingly Bright necklaces. I put them in the shop tonight. {$12}
These lovely yellow jade earrings would work well with the Charmingly Brass multicolored necklaces. Also in the shop! {$12}

And then there are these crazies. Quinn was saying "cheese!" which comes out sounding like "Shay!" and the girls were saying "Meatballs!" which clearly doesn't work well because essentially I was taking pictures of their tonsils. So we tried again...
Better in some aspects, not so much in others. But look at how happy and excited Q is to be taking a picture with his big sisters. He loves being part of their big kid shenanigans.

1 comment:

Crystal Farish said...

Way cute earrings -- almost as cute as those kids!