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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I am Reading

So this is the book that I picked up for our trip. Now that the trip is over, I just don't know if I can finish it. For those of you that know me well (like, really, really, well) this is huge. I never abandon a book. I have the utmost faith in authors. When a book is bad (in my opinion), I always think to myself Surely, it will turn around, and it will be something that I enjoy. My aunt took one look at this book this weekend and said, "Ang? Are you reading this?" She had this look on her face when she said it, too. This look of have you lost your mind? And then I explained to her...
1. I really love reading nonfiction. Especially biographies or autobiographies.
2. I love the Vanderbilts.
3. It won the Pulitzer this year for nonfiction.

The problem is that it is dry. And confusing. I have absolutely zero schema for steamboats and for the first 150 pages (that's how far in I am), the word "boat" has been on each page approx. 87 times. Last night, I read 9 pages in an hour. NINE PAGES! Again, if you know me well (like, really, really, well), this should be shocking information. I am quite sure that my father or my brother would be finished with this book by now. It would definitely be up their alley.

I'm giving it the rest of the week. If I can't get into it, then, well, onward Christian soldier! Whatever that means. :)

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Crystal Farish said...

Hi! Something's wrong with my computer. I can't find your email address! I just finished The Forgotten Garden. You have to read it!!! It's awesome. I couldn't put it down -- even thought it started out a little slow.

Hope you are having a fun summer!