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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wiped Out!

Seriously. It hasn't been that long since I spent a full day at work, so why was this so hard? Well, for a multitude of reasons.

1. I have successfully slept (or at least stayed in the bed) waaaaayyyy past my normal too early wake up time for during the school year.
2. I have successfully been staying up waaaaayyyy later than I would on a normal school night.
3. A glorious thing has happened. While Q has decided to give up sleeping until 9:30 (boo. hiss.) we has learned how to wake up pleasantly, open his door, run down the hallway to our room, enter, close the door behind him, climb up in our bed and wait for Chris to turn Ni Hao Ki Lan on for him. This is glorious because it allows us to pleasantly wake up (rather than the jolt that a screaming child brings) and it is really wonderful to be able to cuddle and snuggle in the morning.

But, I spent the day at work in a Leadership meeting. Then went and had the tires changed on the van. Then came home and ate McDonald's for dinner. Ugh.

Quinn fell over himself twice onto the concrete trying to catch up with me getting out of the van when I pulled in after my long day. It was both wonderful (that he missed me and was so very excited to see me) and sad that the boy couldn't stop falling.

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