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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Observations Made by Casey and a Happy Birthday to Uncle Mark

My children are brilliant. Really and truly. And yes, I am talking about all 3 of them.

Chandler is amazingly tenderhearted and kind; she is brilliant in her social skills. We actually insisted that the girls be put in separate PreK classes because up until that point Chandler made friends for the both of them and Casey just tagged along. She is also (clearly) an amazing reader...or just an amazing test taker (a prefect score in Reading on her CRCT). Either way, its another sign of brilliance.

Quinn has a great memory. He knows where he puts things...where I put things...where his sisters and daddy put things. He scratched his cheek today and I said, "Oh, Buddy, did you get a scratch?" and he responded by pointing to the spot on his arm where he used to have a scratch. For only having 4 words in his vocabulary, he communicates A LOT! Seriously, brilliant.

Casey is another genius child in our family. (How we were blessed with 3 of them, I'll never know.) She made this observation while watching a soccer match with Chris the other day, "Daddy, have you noticed that almost all of the soccer players have black hair or are bald?"

Have you ever watched a soccer match on TV? This is absolutely true. Brilliant observation!

And Happy Birthday to Uncle Mark...the man who does cannon balls into the pool (over and over and over again) so that the children can "ride the waves."

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Emily said...

Chan made a perfect reading score on her CRCT even with having to poo! Isn't that what Casey said the problem was with the math? Now that truly is genius.