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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Information

This is the email that I sent to my mother earlier today:

Ok, you have to go to the Pioneer Woman website today...

look under the "cooking" tab

Please make the rosemary skewers and the linguine salad for me.

Please. I am begging you. As your only child. Feed me, Seymour!

And I love you.

Angie :)

I have spoken with her since she read the email (it made her laugh) and she will, in fact, make these dishes for me. Chris does not particularly care for this type of food, so I feel bad begging him to make them for me. Especially because they seem labor intensive. But, I am not above begging my mother. And now you have proof that the way I write on my blog is also the way that I write to my mother. You should feel special.

I discussed the issue of the fighting children with Frankie. She is often a wealth of parenting (among other topics) knowledge for me. She has 4 children of her own, so she is my expert. Right next to my grandmother, who had 6. Anywho, this was the advice offered. With her children, they live by these two rules...
1. If you do not treat your siblings with respect during the day, then you do not get to snuggle and sleep with them at night.
2. If you use your hands to hurt, then you have to hold hands with each other for the rest of the day.

I think this is great advice and I will be implementing it at once.

Quinn has escaped twice from his room during nap time today. He did this by popping off the safety cover on the door knob. Um. Yeah. This is not okay. Nap time is the time where I get to regain my sanity. He cannot escape from nap time. So, Chris will be turning the door knob around to put the lock on the outside of the door. Just in case its needed.

And speaking of Chris....he is ill. He ran a 102 fever all night (and since Casey was sleeping in Chan's bed, I slept in Casey's) and paid a visit to the immediate care this morning. They said that he has a severe ear infection, but Chris says that it feels more like the flu. Big sigh. Yay! Summer!

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Emily said...

Hmm...turning the lock on the door around. Is Chris having flashbacks to his childhood? :)