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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Right now, as I type, my 8 year old daughters are flying to Chicago with my aunt. I used to fly with them to Chicago before Chris entered our lives and there were then 2 drivers in the family. They first flew when they were 4 months. They were perfect angels. Slept the entire flight. When we got off the plane, the businessmen that were surrounding us, pitched right in. One carried one baby carrier, another man carried the other, I carried half of our carry ons and yet another man in suit and tie carried the rest of our stuff. They were so kind and even though I did not speak to them on the flight or learn their names afterward, I will never forget them. What a wonderful act of random kindness. They flew again when they were 16 months and again at 3. That was their last flight. They have been nervous about it for the past week, but this morning....super excited! This will be their first flying experience that they will remember. Aunt Patti also flew with me for my first trip (ever, also happening to be from Atlanta to Chicago) when I was 8 years old. It was a dinner flight and they served lasagna. I was desperate for seconds and told the stewardess so. She apologized and said they didn't serve seconds. I was crushed. But, somehow, she rounded up an extra serving for me. I swore it was the best food I had ever eaten. I'm sure the Italian side of my family would have been appalled.

Chan called the house yesterday while I was at work to ask a favor of Chris. But Chris was outside with the boy, so she left us a message. It went like this...

"Um, hi Daddy. I left Claire on my bed. I forgot her. So, if you could bring her with you in the van at the end of the week, that would be my pleasure."

Then she talks about random things for approx. 3 minutes and finishes with this...

"Ok, well, I guess that's it. From, your loved one, Chandler."

We're saving that message, never to be erased.

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