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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Quinn's Big Boy Room

{reproduction vintage airplanes a la Home Goods}

Remember, way back in the spring, when we moved all the children around and gave Casey and Chandler their own rooms? Well, Q's room is finally all put together! We figured that since he is only 2 that he wouldn't notice that his walls were seafoam green, there were porcelain ballet shoes hanging on the wall and a butterfly lantern hanging from the ceiling. All he really cared about was his new big boy bed. So this morning, I met my friend Katie at Starbucks (outstanding company!) and Chris got busy painting. (Even though you can't really tell in the pictures, I swear the room is actually a pale blue.) He even enlisted help from the girls. I was sure that when I got home I would have to put on painting clothes and grab a roller, but they were done! The room is huge (its above the garage) so this was quite a feat.

{drawings of Ben Epps' airplanes from 1907 through 1930 that have been passed down in Chris's family}

{vintage postcards}

{Americana bench that my stepmom found for me about 12 years ago, airplane quilt from Pottery Barn}

The rail is really a nice (but necessary) touch, isn't it? The mattress isn't up on the top bunk because my godson will be sleeping on the mattress on the floor in the other room later this week. Just in case you were wondering.

After I arrived home, Chris took the girls to lunch at Burger King so they could play and he could read. When they came home, we put the room back together. Here's Chris, delegating tasks...

Chris: Chan, I want you to get the screwdriver and the plates for the light switch and put them back on. Casey, I want you to slide all of the rubbermaid tubs back under the bed.
Casey: *saluting Chris* Yes, sir! Casey, reporting for sliding!
Chandler: *saluting Chris* Yes, sir! Chandler, reporting for screwing!
Chris: *through laughter and tears* Please don't ever say that again, Chan.

And that's what I have to share for now.

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Abby said...

I am in awe of your ability to get this done!!

(And the story about your girls is priceless!!)

Jennifer said...

All he really cared about was his new big boy bed.
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