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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Needs Sleep?

I mean, really, who needs sleep? Its summer. And now it officially feels like summer. You see, when your summer vacation starts with two little girls running fevers over 104 and then the first day that they are actually well they leave for their Meme's house and then suddenly you're down 2 kids and have no idea what to do with a singleton... Well, today all 3 of them are home and are well, and it kind of feels like summer. And this ridiculous schedule that I am on? Ugh. Last week I stayed up because the girls needed medicine between 12 and 1am and Chris had to go to work in the that left me...all blarey eyed and weak, staying up waaaaayyyy past my bedtime. Only now, I can't get off the schedule. I love the hum of the refrigerator. I love the stillness of my house - knowing that everyone is safe and snug in their beds.

The sad part about this is that I am the person that requires the most sleep in the house. Well, perhaps Q and I are at a tie on this one. 10, 12 hours...absolutely. I love sleep. But right now, I just can't go to sleep. It could be a problem. I am a very good sleeper. It is something I excel at.

And now, for some very sad news. In light of the upcoming furlough days, pay cuts and the fact that last month we paid the rent for the good people at the immediate care, we have decided not to renew our gym membership. *Moment of silence, please.* Yes, this means no more posts written in my head while walking on the treadmill about my gym observations. It is a sad day for all of us, believe you me. Perhaps I will start walking in the neighborhood. But that would involve two things...
1. It's outside. Like, out...side...There's no air conditioning outside.
2. It's outside. Where bugs and stuff live.

And then I would be out there and there would be people inside watching me out their window, and I'm sure, pointing and laughing. I don't think I'm ok with that. I only know about people watching through their window because I am one of those people. Here's an example...

Yesterday morning there was this cute little fluffy black and white dog in the neighbor across the street's yard. They have a cute little fluffy black and white dog, so I thought maybe they let her out in the front yard and they are watching her from the glass front door. I was on the phone with my mother and I continued watching the dog as we talked. And then the dog meandered down the grass to the sidewalk. She sniffed around and began trotting up the sidewalk and then out into the middle of the road. Away from the house. Away from her house. So, I did what any nosy neighbor would do. I abruptly hung up with my mother, ran out my front down, across the side of my lawn, calling to the dog. The dog stopped, turned, stared at me and then began growling. So I raced across the street to alert the neighbors that their dog had escaped. Only when I made my way up their front sidewalk, the elderly neighbor was coming out with their cute little fluffy black and white dog. Which was definitely not the dog standing in the middle of the road. And then I looked like an idiot as I stood there in my pajamas - sans bra - without having brushed my hair or my teeth, trying to explain myself.... All because I am that person who watches out their window at everything that is going on past their house.

And that is the end of my story. And perhaps now I can go to sleep. I know, you're so glad that I shared all of this with you. Good night.

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