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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Oh, where has the day gone? Ugh. I just don't know. But this is what I do know...

  • Last year, Casey said "I just don't know," about 800 times a day. Now Chris and I are the only ones that say it in our house.
  • I took the children outside for an hour this morning.
  • First we went on a little walk. I pushed Q in his Little Tykes car and the girls jogged ahead. As we passed Drew and CB's house, Quinn honked his horn and waved at Drew in the driveway.
  • Then we played outside in the backyard.
  • Then we ate popsicles.
  • Then Quinn screamed bloody murder when we came inside.
  • He continued screaming for 32 minutes and 18 seconds.
  • I am going to take a shower. Now. At 3:49 in the afternoon. I feel like my day doesn't really start until after I've showered.

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