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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hooray! The good news is...Recital Weekend '10 is DONE! Over! Fine'! The bad news is...I didn't take any pictures either day. Way to go, right? I mean, really, what kind of mother puts their children through a full year of dance, schelepping to the dance studio twice a week, pays a gillion dollars for recital fees, costume fees and tickets and then doesn't take a single picture on either performance day?

In my defense, my head was not in the zone. (Obviously.) Chris's illness threw me for a loop, we've been taking care of the neighbors' dogs, I was in charge of packing the girls for 10 days in Chicago and 2 days at Meme's...throw Quinn into the mix, and well, I just wasn't in the zone.

Anywho, there will be more recitals in the future. The sad thing is that I devoted a 6 page scrapbook spread to their last recital. But that was pre-Quinn. When I had nothing better to do but take pictures of my beautiful twins and then scrapbook said pictures.

Tomorrow? All day Leadership Meeting at school and getting new tires put on the van. And then the rest of the week? Doting on Q as an only child, visiting with friends, catching up on the cleaning and packing the rest of us up for Chicago.

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sharonp said...

We took some Saturday. Surely Meme took some Sunday.