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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Mother's Day Post...Just a Little Bit Late

{Four Generations - Stella, Angie holding Angie, and Arlene, cir. 1978}

Yes, I know that Mother's Day has come and gone, but really? Only one day to celebrate mothers? Surely there should be more. So, today I am celebrating. Because the only celebration I participated in on Sunday was the quiet one going on in my myself...with no children in sight.

I come from a long line of incredible, strong women. I was named after my mother's grandmother - Angela Casey Harper - a wonderful, proud, Irish woman. Also in this picture are my grandmother, Stella, (in the fab green dress) who I have gushed about previously, and my Mom, Arlene. (You can call her Ar, or even Arnie - as her younger brothers did.)

As a child, my mom worked to teach me independence. I think it backfired on her when I was 3 and announced that I no longer needed her to walk me into preschool...I could do it on my own. She also taught me (following Bill Cosby's wisdom) that cake, is indeed, acceptable for breakfast (mostly on special occasions). Another valuable lesson was that you should never put clean clothes back in the hamper with the dirty ones. She read to me every night. She taught me how to swim. We had "date nights" together when my stepdad was away on business - breakfast for dinner, which we ate at the coffee table in the living room, while watching Arthur (which is why I can now quote every line from this movie and why we will randomly act out scenes word for word, still today).

When I danced, she told me that I was the best dancer she had ever seen (which led to my wanting to have a career on Solid Gold). When I played the trumpet, she told me that I was the best trumpeteer she had ever heard (which led to dreams of playing in jazz clubs across the United States). When I acted in high school, she said that I was the best actress that had ever graced the stage (which led to dreams of landing a gig on a soap opera).

No matter which stage of my life I am in, my mother is there - to share the laughs, the share the tears, to encourage me, support me, cheer me on, or give me a swift kick in the ass (which is only needed occasionally).

I talk to my mother, well, honestly, just about everyday. Some days it is just to check in. Some days I need parenting or fashion advice. Some days we end up talking for hours.

When I was discussing this post with Chris, he thought that I should mention that my mother brings the party with her. And this is true. She is the ultimate hostess and entertainer. She loves dinner parties, killer uno parties, poolside parties... Oh, and the food my mother cooks. You have not had anything like it! Outstanding! Aside from her company, it is my favorite thing about being with her. She likes to make people happy, and her food, definitely makes people happy.

Everyday, I find that I am becoming more and more like her. And its not a bad thing.

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sharonp said...

Beautiful women!