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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Going to bed. The weekend is over. Jesus Met a Woman.

I just don't know how it happens.  The weeks feel like they take fooooorrrrrrrrever and then the two days of the weekend go by in a flash.

Church was really great today.  My favorite part...three of my favorite people (Amanda, Joel and Neil) sang this song. And it was completely amazing.  I want them to sing it at least once a month now.  Please.  Maybe I should pray for it.

We celebrated Chris's birthday (which is tomorrow) at his parents' house today.  The children all played so nicely together, which is always a bonus.  And my mother and sister-in-law proved themselves (yet again) to be some of my best and most loyal customers.  :)

Then I took Q to the immediate care where they took one quick look and said, "Why, yes.  Yes, indeed, he has a full blown ear infection."

While I was paying, Quinn was doing a little dance, holding his crotch, and singing, "I gotta pee pee.  Mama.  I gotta pee pee.  Mama.  I gotta pee pee."  So I told the lady to hold on and we raced to the bathroom.  Because he's just not tall enough and they didn't have a stool, he had to sit on the potty and aim downward.  Only he was so busy exclaiming (and I quote), "Whew!  That was a close one!"  that he forgot that he had a penis to man and he ended up peeing all over the bathroom.  Awesome.  Clean up on aisle 7!

Then we went to the grocery store, got his medicine and a prize (a bucket of plastic horses), headed home, fed the children, and now, friends, I am getting ready to turn in for the evening.  I am just too, too tired. 

We generally don't get very good sleep in our house these days, but this weekend has been...ugh... one of the worst yet.

Here are the treasuries that I am in this week...they are awfully cute and you should check them out!


Emily said...

I have been busy picking out clothes to wear with my new jewelry this week. :) Of course, let's be real, we know who your REAL good customer is - pop pop. I was fully prepared to pay for myself though. Just sayin'.

Angie said...

See, now you can spend the money you were going to spend on jewelry on clothes to go with the jewelry that your dad treated you to. I think its a brilliant plan! :)