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Friday, March 4, 2011


Chandler has decided that running is going to be her activity that takes the place of piano.  I hate that she didn't want to stick with makes me very sad...but we're moving on to running.  We decided that she could try a couple of 5ks this spring and Chris is going to run with her 3 nights a week.

Wednesday was the first night they went out.  He drew a map of our neighborhood and showed her the route that they would be taking.  The path equaled 1.7 miles.  He talked about safety and how to look for cars while still running, etc.  He told her that she could run in front of him, but that he had to be able to see her.  He was smart...he knew that she would outpace him.

The problem was that he didn't know that she would make it look so easy to outpace him.

She made it home before him, flopped down in the chair with her face flushed and then bounced right back up, grabbed a cup for water and began talking a mile a minute.  Chris arrived home a few minutes later, sweating and somewhat winded.

He then informed me that he was never going running with her at that time of day again because all of the families were in their front yard or driveway and Chandler made sure to wave to everyone, let them know that she was out for a run and that her dad was "back there" as she pointed at him while still running.

She spent a great deal of the run practicing crossing the street and looking for cars, which meant that she did a lot of zig zagging and actually ran about 2 miles.  She also high stepped for a good portion of the run, bounding through the air like a gazelle, while Chris felt like he was lifting his feet out of tar.  She waved to him, with a big grin on her face, periodically throughout the run.  When he was running up a hill to a cul-de-sac, she would already be on the other side, trying to talk to him, like that hill had been nothing.

So, the moral of the story is that Chandler may not be the best running partner for Chris.


Unknown said...

Yay! I love it when someone finds running in their life. Good for Chan. Chris needs to push himself harder. ;>)

molly said...

Awwh, Chris, I totally feel your pain. I went for a "jog," I'm not even going to call it a run, last Sunday and everyone was out in their yard and I just kept my head down. I'm glad Chan has discovered running. This is probably the age to start training so when she gets to HS, she can do cross country, maybe even hurdles?? Ang, I know how you loved the hurdles. ; )

Anonymous said...

I'd be delighted to let Chan outpace me - which she will - anytime. You know ... if Chris needs a break.