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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Highs and Lows of My Week

low - Quinn was still sick
high - I got to go to work which was a nice change of pace from having been home Thursday and Friday with the sick child.

Was, well, pretty much an overall low day.  It started with Quinn sleeping in our bed and while Chris was in the shower getting ready for work, Quinn and I snuggled together in the bed.  He was fully on my side of the bed, taking up 3/4 of my pillows.  He was all kicked back, drinking some juice out of the sippy cup, when he looked at me and said, "Go way, Mama.  Go way."  Um, excuse me?  Last time I checked, you were in my bed, on my pillows.  You just don't get to tell me to "go way."  It doesn't work like that.  But, it kind of does, because then my feelings were hurt and I didn't want to lay by the kid that told me to "go way", so I maneuvered over him and went back to sleep on Chris's side of the bed.  He was going to work, so he wouldn't be using it anyway.  And, well, the day just kind of went downhill from there.

low - Waking up too late to take a morning shower.  Thank God I had been home on Tuesday and didn't shower until almost 2pm that day.  So, really, Wednesday morning I was still clean.  Just not quite as awake as I would have been if I had showered.
high - The Christmas box from Gram and Grandpa came!  This is pretty much the highlight of the season for my children.  THE BOX!  Please see above video so that you too can experience the joy and excitement that the box brings my children.  The girls especially loved the fact that my dad wrapped up two empty shoe boxes for me.  He put them in there to take up space so that things wouldn't slide all around, and then figured he should wrap them...and then while he was at it, he should just go all out and put my name on them and then write jokes about the size of my feet - quite large - in the boxes.  He's quite brilliant like that, and the girls love him even more for it.  They can't wait until they are old enough to pull stunts like that.  I didn't post the entire video, just the beginning...I didn't think you really wanted to sit through ten minutes of my children opening presents. 

While Tuesday was pretty much an all around sucky day, I am quite sure that today is going to make up for it.  See, it has been crazy cold in Georgia this week (like, lows in the teens...unheard of for this time of year) and last night we had a little precipitation, which left the roads icy.  And, well, we are just not equipped for ice (no salt trucks here!) and our roads are so hilly that travel on icy roads is near impossible and quite dangerous.  So, I got the 5am phone call that my county had closed their schools for the day.  But here's the kicker....Chris and the kids still had to go to school!  (I work in a different county than the one that we live in!)  So, I am home...ALONE...without a sick child to take care of (he's pretty much better).  I hope to get quite a bit accomplished in my silence today.  WooHoo!

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Abby said...

I am super jealous of your home alone day! I hope you drank lots of coffee, watched whatever you wanted on TV and got lots done! :)