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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pictures to Share

 I always love importing pictures off my camera because there are always ones on there that I didn't take and am surprised to see.  Like this one.  What in the world is my son doing???  I have no idea.

Some of us (Linus, Emmy, Me, Sharon, Mark, Janie and Q) brunching it up on Christmas Eve morning.  I must say, I loved the brunch idea, and whether we use our house again or not, I hope that we stick with this one.  It was great to have a little lull in between this and church and it was great not to spend the greater part of the day waiting for the festivities to begin.

 Quinn and Doe Doe

 Look closely.  Do you see anything suspicious in this picture?  No, really, look closer.  Do you see him?
 I don't know what Q is going to do when there is no longer a tree to hide behind in our living room.

 My favorite part of Christmas Eve?  Being able to spend 3/4 of the day in my slippers with a cup of coffee in my hand.  Awesome.

And here are our snow pictures.  Snow is not nearly as much fun when you don't have any children at home.  The kids are all out at my parents' house until Wednesday, so our snow really hasn't been enjoyed here the way that it should be.  Ike is desperate to run around in it, but I am worried about letting him off his leash because one downside to him having spent three days in the pen is that they threw away all of his tags.  So, I am not a fan of the idea of letting the tagless dog out without a leash on.  Fun sucker?  Yes, yes, I am.  For those of you not in Atlanta, we have not had Christmas Day snow in over 120 years.  It really is a Christmas Miracle.  (Although, according to Chris, our Christmas Miracle is that my mother left with all 3 of our children yesterday.)  The lady on the Weather Channel keeps telling people to "slow their roll" and that cracks me up.

This is the hill in our backyard.  If the girls were home, they would be sledding on their boogie boards down it.

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Emily said...

I am definitely in favor of brunch again. It was wonderful! Next year, maybe your parents can take my kids home with them too! :)