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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So the doctor kept saying, "Its about a 24 hour recovery."  And at 9pm last night, as I lay, sobbing, in my bed, I was quite certain that he was full of crap.  But, here it is, at the 24 hour mark and I feel better than I ever would have dreamed possible.  Amazing how that is, right?

I couldn't talk Chris into a guest post yesterday.  Which is probably better for me because he would have just told you what a big whiny baby I was being.  I think it was allowed though.

The kids are still at my mom's until tomorrow.  I have spoken with her (and the girls) multiple times a day.  Quinn has been hit or miss as to whether he actually wants to talk or not.  Yesterday Mom told me that Q's personality was really starting to shine through.  I think that is code for, "Ang, your son is being a jerk."  Just sayin.


Emily said...

Glad you're feeling better! We've been thinking about you!

molly said...

Good news! Glad you are the up and up.