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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Spoke Too Soon

 I spoke too soon.  I don't think that we are quite on the mend yet, just sick without a fever.  He and Ike spent the majority of the day together on the couch.  Sometimes they were awake and sometimes they were snoozing.  Ike really wouldn't leave him though, so next time I think that he is a jerky dog I am going to try to remember this day.  I took this picture to help me remember.  Quinn, like most children growing up with digital cameras, likes it when I take his picture and then show him the results.  Instant gratification.  And then he asked for more, so I had to take a second picture:
And he thought this one was really funny.  He took a four hour nap today and is asleep beside me on the couch.  Since I was home with him Thursday and Friday, Chris will be home with him tomorrow.  Big sigh. 

The girls were apparently wonderful (by all accounts) in the Christmas Pageant tonight.  I can't wait to see the DVD of it.

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