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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things That Made My Day a Little Better

  • The girls and I went through the Chick-fil-a drive thru tonight for dinner.  Tis the season for a peppermint chocolate chip milkshake.  It is one of the (few) things that I truly love about this time of year.  Just like their peach milkshakes seem to make back to school a little bit easier too.
  • The lights in downtown Athens.  Oh, how I love thee.  Its one of my most favorite things about Athens...the beautiful lights in the trees for the holidays.  Immediately I am a college student again, sitting outside Blue Sky with Molly not minding the cold because I love the lights so much.  Magic.  Absolute magic.
  • This conversation with the girls on the way to Christmas pageant rehearsal....
Chandler:  Mama.  Did you know that you can have a baby when you are 17 years old????
Me:  Yes, dear, I did.  And technically, once you get your period you can have a baby.
Chandler:  So you mean if I get my period when I am 9, I can have a baby?
Me:  Yep.  Your body could have a baby.
Chandler:  WHAT???!!!???  Who would be his or her father????
Me:  I don't think we need to continue this conversation.  Do you think it would be a good idea to have a baby when you are 9?
Casey:  Well, no.  Because that would mean that when we're in high school, the baby would be in middle school.

And then there was this comment made when Casey bumped Chandler while she had a straw in her mouth...
Chandler:  Hey!  You almost made my straw poke my ukala.
Casey:  Sorry.
Me:  Um, what's a ukala?
Chandler:  That hangy down thingy in the back of your throat.
Me:  Oh.

When I told Chris about this, he responded with, "Well, its better than what she used to call it.  She used to call it a vulva."   Um, yeah, that's a little different than its actual name...the uvula.


molly said...

that's classic. too funny.

KBBean said...

I love your kids