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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quinn is Sick

I don't know how this happened.  For months now I have thought to myself, "It is amazing how Quinn never gets sick."  But I never once actually said this out loud so that I wouldn't jinx myself.  And then he woke up a little before 4am this morning with a fever and congestion.  And so we were home sick today.  We went to the doctor and it is nothing more than a virus...which is good and bad.

Good because its just a virus.

Bad because there isn't anything he can really take to get just has to run its course, which at his age is usually accompanied with a fever and if he has green snot, he's not allowed at daycare.

I will say this, though...he is the most wonderful sick child ever.  He is so sweet and loving and snuggly.  I just want to eat him up.  Or take him to a toy store and buy him every toy in the place just because he is the sweetest boy ever.  Big sigh.  The downside to him being so sweet is that I don't get anything done...he pats the couch next to him and says, "'Mon, Mama, sit down."  And then I end up watching 3 hours of Dora with him.  Ugh.

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Emily said...

Aww. Poor baby. I totally know the feeling. The kid is a brat most of the time but then there's that one time when he's extra sweet and I just want to give him the world. Buy him every toy he could ever want. Anything so he knows how much I love this. :)