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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I May or May Not Have an Addiction

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to buy a giftcard and vegetable oil.  And then I remembered that Chan asked if I could bake something for her class party tomorrow.  Betty Crocker box mixes were buy one get one free.  So I picked out the cookie brownie.  And then I decided to get a second box so that I could make one for Casey's class too.  And they looked really good, so then I thought maybe I should get a box for us to have at home.  I was up to 3 boxes and they were buy one get one free, so I for sure needed to pick out a 4th box.  The frosted brownies were calling my name.  So I threw them in the basket too. 

When I got home I dropped the bag off on the kitchen table and took the dog out.  Chris and the kids came home while I was outside.  When I came back in Chris just stared at me.  "Really?  Really you bought more things to bake?"  And then he proceeded to empty out the pantry of all the other baking items I have purchased in the past two weeks.  I may or may not have an addiction.  Just sayin.


molly said...

Looks like the Cookie Brownies are your favorite. My dad would be very impressed by this collection.

Emily said...

I have the same problem! You should see the top shelf of my pantry!

Mark Fennell said...

Yeah, the top shelf of the pantry and the shelves in the "crap" closet where non-perishable food items go. We have more cans of mandarin oranges than Florida. But, I think those were pregnancy purchases which are forgivable; especially since Linus will suck down a whole can in no time at all.

sharonp said...

you can shop in my carp closet if I can shop in your pantry.