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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, My, What a Day

Yesterday,  I spent the day shopping with these two.  They both had gift cards to spend from Christmas and a little bit of cash.  On the way into town they had this conversation...

Chandler:  So what kind of colors do you think you're going to buy today?
Casey:  I don't know.  I haven't really thought about it.
Chandler:  Well, I'm going for all dark know...brown, black, gray, maybe a navy blue or a really dark purple.  And I am definitely looking for some prints!  You know, leopard, cheetah, zebra stripes, and maybe some plaid.
Casey:  Oh, yeah, I do like the prints.

And this is what scares me.  It was a look into the future and my children are either emo, goth punks or strippers.  And I'm not sure which one I would prefer. 
 We started the day at Love's on the square in Jefferson (hair accessories and a bottle cap cheetah print necklace were purchased) and then headed into the mall in Athens.  The girls had gift cards to The Children's Place, so that's where we went.

I tried really (really, really) hard to channel Chris during this shopping experience.  The girls love shopping with Chris because he doesn't have an opinion on what they should buy with their money.  He doesn't try and talk them out of things.  He doesn't try to steer them in a certain direction.  He just holds their coats, keeps up with their money and gets down the items that they can't reach for them.  He occasionally tells them if something is too see through or too short.

I spent the day cringing.  My girls are apparently full price girls and this makes me very sad.  Why?  Why can't they see that they could get so much more for their money if they just went to the sale racks???  But, it was their money and I was channeling Chris.  When we entered Claire's Boutique...I wanted to cry.  It was my own personal hell.  And yet, I loved this place as a child.  Chandler spent 30 minutes debating on whether or not she should spend $8.50 on a pair of fingerless, silver sequined gloves.  In the end she decided not to (and has regretted that decision this morning).

She did, however, buy this shirt for herself at Children's Place.  Yes, it was full price.  But she came downstairs this morning singing some song about being an "angel from Heaven", while waving her arms around as she glided through the room. 

 While she thinks that she is an "angel from Heaven," Chris and I kind of thought that she looked a little more like a flower child from Woodstock.

Casey purchased these items for herself...the shirt from Children's Place and yes, she is wearing the entire package of flower hair clips from Claire's at once. 

Chris asked her to strike another pose.  This one was some "attitude."  So she did.  My favorite part about this picture?  The fact that Ike is sniffing her hiney.  


sharonp said...

I actally had a shirt just like the one Chandler bought back in the seventies! They got some cute stuff!

Emily said...

Love Chandler's shirt! I would be cringing at the full price thing too. I don't think I've paid full price for anything since.....well, I can't remember the last time. I'm cheap like that. I hope you keep that picture of Casey with Ike sniffing her butt for her rehearsal dinner. :)

sharonp said...

The last time you bought full price Emily was when I was buying!

Crystal Farish said...

Oh good luck friend. It all does down hill from here. Luckily the girls picked some cute stuff! Give them a year or two -- they will be shopping those sale racks. Claire decided a few years ago that quantity was more important that quality. Now she lives at Forever 21. :)

Anonymous said...

your girls are amazingly beautiful.

they lokk like their dad... :)


Anonymous said...