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Sunday, February 20, 2011

And Now Its Over

So yesterday was like a 9.5 kind of day and then today was a 5.  And going from that great to so-so, is really not all that fun. 

High point...getting my birthday present from my in-laws.  A beautiful, beautiful, fun, retro throw pillow that I have been drooling over on etsy and a gift card to Old Navy.  Woohoo!  Yay!

Low point...the realization that something that should take about 30 minutes ends up taking 3 hours in this house of little people and pooch. 

All those earrings above?  Yep.  They're new.  And in the shop...along with several other new things.  I think you should check it out. 


molly said...

Love the owl earrings!

sharonp said...

In the words of Q, Me too Me too! I also love the owls even though they're too big for me I see several things I love!