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Monday, February 21, 2011

Grocery Store Fail

I had to stop by the grocery store after school today to get the following items...
1.  birthday cards
2.  eggs
3.  trash bags
4. napkins

I was 10 minutes into the trip when I noticed that I had the following items in my cart...
1.  bakery cannoli
2.  bakery pecan pie
3.  pita chips
4.  blueberries
5.  trail mix
6.  Chinese noodles
7.  nutter butters

Clearly, I have a problem.  As I headed to the beer aisle, I texted Chris, begging him to talk some sense into me.  He didn't respond.

I continued on my wild shopping spree.  I threw in some yogurt and fancy creamer while I was at it.

And then I checked out, feeling quite pleased with myself.  I scratched off the items in my mental list and realized that I had not purchased the birthday cards...the original impetus for the trip to the store.  So I had to park my buggy full of groceries at the front of the store and go back to the card aisle.

I'm not sure if you know what kind of card shopper I am or not, but I am the kind that has to read at least twenty cards before settling on one.  This is ultimately why I just don't buy cards any more.  Prior to having my third child, I bought cards all. the. time.  I gave cards to people for every reason under the sun.  I kept up regular written, sent through the mail, correspondence with several people in my life for a very long time and kept on hand a multitude of note cards for whenever I felt like sending someone a little something.  But now, not so much.

Almost 15 minutes later, I was loading my groceries AND cards into the trunk of my car, wondering how I went in to get 4 things and came out with a whole trunk load of beer and sweets.


Emily said...

And that is why you did not get a card with your birthday present. I forgot when I went to the grocery store, to buy one and then it was going to take entirely too long to pick one out at another time. But, just know I love you and whatever card you would pick for yourself is the one I would have gotten you. :)

Your Slack Ass SIL

Angie said...

YES! Em - we are definitely on the same wave length! :)

sharonp said...

you 'texted' Chris? What? Who are these people? Am I on the wrong blog?

Unknown said...

I loved those random cards. :)