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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Heart Pillows

Its true.  I heart pillows.  I especially heart pillows from IKEA.  And my birthday present pillow from my in-laws.  While I love IKEA, it is a difficult place for us to shop and ineviatably, in the middle of the trip, I begin to feel overwhelmed and start panicking.  Which is always fun.  And we don't live close enough for me to just go to visit one section of the store at a time.  Oh, what is a girl to do???  But, my mission for the day was pillows and I feel that I was successful. 

The rooms as a whole are still a MAJOR work in progress,  but the couch?  Ahhhhh, big sigh.  I love it.  The smaller center pillow is from here and all the others were purchased at IKEA this afternoon.

And because I had the camera out, this boy was right in the mix, yelling out "Cheese!"  So I had to take his picture, of course.

1 comment:

sharonp said...

LOVE the pillows. Those pillows look like they were made to be together