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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Birthday Run Down

  • Yesterday I talked Chris into giving me my present early...two new books - A Pictorial History of The University of Georgia and Historic Athens and Clarke County.  I am super excited about them because I love the old buildings in Athens and I am always dying to know the story behind them.  Like The Franklin House on Broad across from the Farmer's Building...I need to know the information on that one.  Pronto.  Because it kills me every time we drive past it.  This not knowing.
  • Chris tried very hard to let me sleep in this morning.  He was succeeding until he told Chan that she could not wear jeans and a t-shirt to church.  So, she came into our room to wake me up to ask me if she could wear jeans and a t-shirt to church.  Ugh.
  • Chris took the children to church and then to Chuck E. Cheese with his family (I just couldn't go there on my birthday.  It would have completely ruined my day...the place, not the company).
  • I went spring shopping.  It was the perfect day for it - the weather here was absolutely beautiful.
  • Chris made beef stroganoff for dinner.
  • I met Molly for a chai latte at Starbucks.  We laughed.  A lot.  I have now spent more birthdays with Molly than without Molly.  Just sayin.
  • In just a few hours, my day will be over.  Big sigh.


Anonymous said...

It's your BIRTHDAY?! Happy birthday!!! I'm so bad at this stuff.

Hope you had a marvelous day. Sounds like it was pretty lovely.


molly said...

Yes, lots of laughter. All very good for the soul. And we closed the place down. That's when you know you're having fun. They turn the lights off and lock the doors. Jules, we missed you!