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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

 {Charmingly Bright Spring Necklace - $26}

Thank God, the weather has been beautiful here lately!  And its supposed to be 76 tomorrow!  Hooray!  I am certain that it will turn cold again before it is actually Spring, but my, oh my, this is doing wonders for my mood.  I snicker at that commercial on TV about the Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I honestly suffer from it.  I hate winter.  Hate. Winter.  So, I really needed this little break...a breath of fresh air...literally, since we've been opening the windows.  :)

Having said that, I am oh so tired.  This week has been crazy.  Tuesday night I had PTO at my school until almost 8pm and had an excruciating headache by the time I got home...took some meds and went to bed.  While I was at PTO, Chris loaded the kids into the van, dropped Casey off at dance, took last year's clothes to the consignment sale drop off, had to make a pit stop at Kroger for Q to use the potty, and then go back and pick Casey up from dance.  Whew!

I shopped at the consignment sale last night.  I spent $120 and bought ALL of Quinn's spring and summer clothes.  He needs a pair of shoes and that's it.  Really.  Everything all the way down to his swimming trunks.  Score!

One last little goodie... 

Quinn always gets really excited when I start taking pictures of jewelry and begs for me to take his picture too.  So, I always do.  This is what today's pictures turned out to be...

I really have no idea what he is doing in either of these pictures.  But he is weird, isn't he?  :)


Emily said...

That is a pop pop face in the first picture. Jonah makes that face too!

molly said...

LOL, I remember those SAD commercials on the radio when I lived in Chicago. I think all us Southerners may suffer from this.
I love these photos of Quinn. I do declare, you are more of a photographer than you might give yourself credit for.