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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Brought a Roll of Toilet Paper to Work With Me

I searched high and low for a pack of purse tissues this morning.  I needed them.  Desperately.  My nose was running, and it was raw from the school tissues I used yesterday.  Only I couldn't find them and we didn't have any boxes of tissues and I was running out of time in my hunt, so I broke down a threw a roll of toilet paper in my purse.  It had come to that. 

And so here are some more bullets....

  • Chandler spent a good portion of dinner tonight humming Beethoven's 5th.  I couldn't take any more and told her to stop.  But then she did it again.  And I told her to stop...again.  She did it the 2nd time because she thought that she could throw her voice well enough that I wouldn't know it was her.  I am not kidding.
  • I ordered the girls' spring and summer wardrobes from Old Navy.  The box came yesterday.  And NONE of the bottoms fit.  NONE.  My children, apparently, are freakishly thin and I have begun contemplating having them drink some slimfasts with every meal.  (Not really, but almost.)  So, I am back to square one.  I hate square one.
And that's all I have in me today.  And there's not even any earrings to share.  What a bummer.

1 comment:

molly said...

Oh no, I hope you start feeling better soon. You know it's bad when you have no problem walking around with a roll of TP to blow your nose. At that point, you just don't care what people might think.