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Friday, February 25, 2011


I have secured a babysitter (shout out to CB and Drew!) and we are heading to IKEA tomorrow!  I have been craving my spring trip to IKEA and knew that Chris would never agree to going with our 3 children in tow.  So, enter a playdate at Loralai's house and Woohoo!  its off to IKEA we go!  I keep telling Chris that I love shopping with him (its true, he's a great shopping partner) and he shakes his head and wonders how he got himself into this mess.

These two rooms are in desperate need of a little attention.  The front half (with the built-in books, courtesy of our good friend Drew) is our front room, seen from the foyer, and currently serves as library/seating area/jewelry photo studio.  Chris wants this room.  Like really, he wants it to be his room...with his desk.  He'll consider letting me keep my books on the shelves.

This is the craft room.  (Yes, it should technically be our dining room, but we lived here for a year and used the dining room twice, so we sold the dining room furniture and changed it into a craft/office space...much more useful for our family.)I love the orange and gray.  But the rest of it?  Ugh.  As you can see, it is a DISASTER!  And I'm not really sure what is the best way to conquer the mess.  The cubbies are a complete waste of space and are going upstairs to the girls' closets.  They just aren't functional for me.

And Chris's desk?  Double ugh.  Because of where it is in the house, everything just gets dumped on it.  And then everything sits there until Chris cleans it up. 

So, Chris wants to move his desk and such into the front room, and move the couch into my craft area.  I think that I want to put my table up against a wall and get some hardware organizers from the tool store to put supplies in.  I also want a world map and a map of the US....just so I can put little push pins in to show where I've mailed things.  Because the teacher in me thinks that would be super exciting.

But tomorrow my main focus...throw pillows.  Even though there is a good chance that they will be destroyed in 48 hours upon entry into my house...I need them.  I can't live without them any longer.

ps - Chan ordered Mu Shu Chicken last night at the Chinese Restaurant for dinner.  We usually don't get that, but I let them order for themselves last night.  I figured she must have tried it when out with my mom at some point, but no....When I asked her why she chose that she replied, "Well, I read the description and I thought to myself, I do like chicken and I do like pancakes, so I figured I would like it.  So I ordered it."  I think she may have been expecting fried chicken and a waffle.  Just sayin.

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molly said...

Have fun at IKEA! Can't wait to see the finished product.
BTW, why are there ads for Tropicana OJ and Toaster Strudel on your blog. Did I miss something? I also got this pop up asking me to take a survey.