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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking Hardly

Last week, after Chan's piano lesson, her teacher came out and talked to me for a few minutes.  She asked me if Chan ever had this sort of issue...She does something, does it well, you put it away and then the next time you pull it out for her, she looks at it like she's never seen it before in her life. 

Um, yeah, yeah we do have that problem with her.  We like to call it flighty.  Its part of what makes Chan, Chan.

And speaking of, she was there during this whole conversation.  Her response?

"Whaaaaaaatttttt????  Sometimes when I'm doing something I find that I think too hardly and then I have to tell myself (while tapping on her noggin) 'Think lightly.  Think lightly.'"

So, thank you, Chan for providing yet another phrase for our family too use...Thinking hardly v. Thinking lightly.

ps.  My birthday is 12 days away.  If you haven't already clicked the follow button on the right side of the page, could you do that for me now?  Just for fun?  And while you're at it...can you click on my etsy shop and favorite it?  Both of those things - followers on the blog and people favoriting my shop make me ridiculously happy.  It could be your birthday present to me.  And maybe you could tell a couple of your friends to follow and favorite too.  And that would make me really, really happy.  Don't think too hardly about it.  Just do it.

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