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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Languages

You know that book, The 5 Love Languages?

No, Chris and I have not read it, but he did pull up some online quiz about it a few months ago and then we both took it.  What we found out was slightly disturbing.  We have completely, polar opposite, love languages.  Like, how we have managed to be together for almost six years is pretty amazing.  And so, we did what we always do when we get slightly disturbing news...we made a joke out of it.  Because even though we once went to a teacher workshop together where the big rule was, "There is no place for sarcasm in a relationship,"  that's still how we operate.  Sarcasm and quick wit.  Its actually the foundation of our relationship. 

And now, it can be heard at least once a day in our house, "That's my love language to you."

For example... 

Me:  I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher today.  (Usually one of his chores)
Chris:  Yes.  I noticed that.
Me:  Its my love language to you.

Chris:  My love language to you is upstairs in the dryer.  (Usually one of my chores)

Chris:  Have you tried the new chex mix in the pantry?
Me:  No, I bought that for you.
Chris:  Oh.  Well I really like it.
Me:  Good, I'm glad.  Its my love language to you.

Me:  Awwww, thanks, Honey for favoriting my etsy shop.
Chris:  Its my love language to you.

You get the point?  And so now, everyday, we think about what we can do for the other...not necessarily because we want to (although I'm sure that plays a role in it too)...but more so because we want to have a reason to snicker about the love language.

ps - 11 days until my birthday.  I wonder how many times Chris is going to speak my love language on that day.  :)


sharonp said...

I'm sure I could speak both of your love languages by watching your kids.

Chris Pendley said...

Yes, yes you could. Anytime you want them, they are yours.

Crystal Farish said...

Love this post. Yeah, sarcasm pretty much rules our life. Works for us. And just so you know, I think most married couples are polar opposites when it comes to love language. I know Matt and I sure are -- which can be hard sometimes because I tend to give him what I want and visa-versa. That's why we resort to sarcasm/humor. We both speak that language and it works for us. :)

Happy birthday 11 days early!! (just in case i forget)