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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nine Year Olds in the House!

These two celebrated a birthday today!  Well, we celebrated it with them...that would be kind of sad if they celebrated with just each other.  Sad, kind of like Casey's face in this picture.  I mean, really, what kind of face IS that???

This one is a little more like it.  We went out for Hibachi tonight.  After we opened the box from Grandpa and Gram, and Chandler had piano practice.  I love hibachi.  The girls love hibachi.

Ok, so maybe Casey really just loves the fried rice.  Do you see that it is all gone?  She really, really, loves the fried rice.

And we really, really love the owners of the restaurant.  They brought out these enormous plates of various cakes for the girls and had a whole parade with a gong and singing.  LOTS of fun!

And this boy?  He enjoyed going to the bathroom about 12 times during the hour that we were in there for.  He also wanted the waiters to chase him and then scoop him up and deliver him back to our table.   But then he hugged York (one of Chris's former students...his parents own the place) good bye.  

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sharonp said...

Awww. Quinn looks a little peekid. And that looks like red velvet cake which I was informed is a no no by Chan.