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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I feel like I haven't written a real post in, oh, you know, forever!  It happens sometimes...when trying to sum up my day or share a funny anecdote becomes just a little overwhelming.  And I do hate it when that happens.  And so, after my ho-hum weekend, I opened my computer Monday night, stared at the blank screen and said (as I often do), "Honey, you should guest post for me."

And, surprisingly enough, he did!  And I am going to continue asking for him to guest post because I liked what he had to say.  Just sayin.

So, what happened in between all of those non posts of the past week?

Well...there was last Wednesday night when Q projectile vomited hot dogs, oranges and a chocolate pudding pop across 5 feet of our living room.  That was awesome.  So we sprayed it and steam cleaned it right away and then Chris took him up to bed.  You know, our bed, where he sleeps every night?  Yeah, he took him there to tuck him in and that's when Q decided he should puke all over
a.  our bed and
b. the wall behind our bed
which was really, really, awesome.  And because he was somewhat laying down when he started, it was also all over the side of his head.  So then he required a bath.  He woke up twice in the middle of the night to throw up again.  He never ran a fever and Thursday he was fine (although Chris stayed home with him anyway).  But then the day care closed early on Friday because it was (apparently) highly contagious and everyone else had it by then.  So, last week was yet another week in which I did not work a full week.  Ugh. 

Chandler has decided that she doesn't want to play the piano any more.  Try as I might, I cannot convince her otherwise.  She wants to run.  Which, I mean, really, of course she does.  Because she has already done ballet, tap, hip hop, cheerleading, gymnastics, soccer, and piano.  So, running it is.  Our friend, Drew, is a girls cross country coach and his wife offered for him to take Chan with him to train with the team when they run this summer.  Chandler screamed and jumped up and down when I told her and then she ran to tell Casey that she made the high school cross country team.  Um, no.  Not quite.

Quinn pronounces his name as, "Kin."  The little girls at day care call him, "Win"  and "Chin."  He doesn't mind because he (clearly) can't say his name either.

I have decided that these two songs (click here and here) are going to be my spring time songs.  They both make me exceptionally happy and I plan on listening to them over and over and over again.  


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