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Friday, May 13, 2011

92 Degrees.

No lie.  It was 92 degrees the other day.  So Chris bought a sprinkler toy (not to worry, it was our day for recreational water usage...and it was 92 degrees!) and the kids ran in the yard jumping over this (somewhat pitiful) spray of water.  Ike was on his lead (I remained uninjured this time).  I watered the flowers that I am pretty sure have died since I planted them.  And was the organizer/supervisor of this event.

Yes.  Our grass is still kind of dead.  Or at least dry.  Its on the brownish side.  And the plants in the picture with Ike?  Yes, those are DEFINITELY dead.  Because I didn't plant them.  And then forgot to continue watering them.  Because they weren't in the ground with the plants that I did plant.  Sheesh.

Blogger has been down.  In case you didn't know that, which is why I haven't posted.  And now you know.  Just sayin.

Also,  have you seen this website? Very Jane Deals?  If not, you should go.  And subscribe.  I promise you, it will become one of your favorite things.

And ps.  I am at 197 followers.  If you don't follow me already, can you just go click that little button?  Please.  Really.  Its killing me to be thisclose to 200.

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caz said...

201! ;)

Have had you in my google reader for a while... so hi there!!

happy weekend!!