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Monday, May 2, 2011

I am injured.

First of all, I think its only fair for you to know that I am a big baby.  Especially when it comes to injuries of my own.  I really can't handle it.  Chris has seen me cry over a stubbed toe more times than I would like to count (I also have sensitive feet). 

When I have a bruise, I point it out daily until its gone.

Its just the way I am. 

And now I have a new injury.  It happened on Saturday, during our family planting day. 

We took Ike outside with us and attached his (brand new!) harness to a (brand new!) stake in the ground.  He felt as free as free could possibly feel for him.  And then he took of running.  He came to the end of the line, flipped over backwards, stood up and stared at us.

We all laughed (it was at least a little funny) and then he shook himself off and came barreling toward us.  Before I could move, he clotheslined my ankle with the lead from the stake.  You know, the metal wire line coated in the thick plastic?  Yeah, that one.  Ripped across my ankle.

And now I am injured.

This is my ankle.  Still slightly swollen, starting to turn green (when it does, I'll post pictures of that too :) ), rope burned ankle.  It hurts like the my mother would say.  I would say something else, but I do try to keep it clean on the blog.

And I am a big baby about the whole thing.  I think I have told Chris 800 times how badly it hurts.  And the first shower I had to take...ugh.  My stomach flipped and dropped the whole time.

I think it will be looking *awesome* by the end of the week.  And I feel that I should wait for it to heal before getting a new pedicure.  And I am in desperate need of one.  Big sigh.  I hate being injured.


sharonp said...

pshaw. It looks like a new red anklet. :)

Abby said...

I am hearing Looney Tunes-esque sound effects in my head as I read this and look at the picture.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ANG! Ouch. I do not approve.