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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chandler's Guest Post

I'm Chandler Pendley. The one who loves mom the most. Most of my friends think I'm crazy, But I don't care. I'm doing a 5k next weekend. And I'm eager to do it.Right now, Quinn my little brother is pushing dad and telling him to wake up. When dad wakes up, Quinn looks likes he is asking him to play a game of tag. So they do. For at least 10 minutes chasing each other around the room. Dad sits down with Ike shoving a ball in his lap. Dad gets up to start cooking. A couple of minutes later, Quinn is on a stool asking dad if he can help.

He says no. As Quinn is asking dad to help, Ike is siting on the top of the couch like if he knows that danger is coming. Nothing happens, on the other hand dad sings a little bit of had a bad day. and Quinn repeats him. Ike finally hops off the couch. And decides to  play a game frizbe while I'm typing this. I play with him. Quinn is complaining that he will not let anybody take it off .Then dad says he'll give him a bowl of ice cream.
And Quinn accepts the offer.  Dad asks what flavor he wants. Quinn gives his order, vanille and strawberry. And he gets what he wants.About a minutes later dad tells me to take a shower. I quickly take a shower.So I can finsh this.Once I come down stairs. Ike is laying on top of the couch looking bord.I pet him.He gently lifts his head and licks me.As I turn around Quinn is on the stool,looking at the cooking brocley with his hands on his cheeks and smiling a horrifid grin.Dad asks Quinn to do his favorite thing ,
setting the table.It sounds odd but it's true.By the way have you ever herd of Casey?She is my sister.I didn't talking about her.Because she is at dance.Wait ,she is entering the .Well this is all I have for now.Chandler out!By.  


sharonp said...

Give this girl her own blog! Great job, Chan! And tell dad to call the beave in for dinner.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Love the tops--thanks for the inspiration. I found you at Pleated Poppy. If you get a chance, swing by and check out my Brooklyn Bohemian outfit!