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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, Week 10

Another week with The Pleated Poppy!

tangerine t-shirt - old navy (new!)
jeans - banana republic outlet
didn't have my shoes on yet for this one :)
earrings - made by me!  

fabulous collage bracelet - tied up memories 
(I also really love this crystal b bracelet and this lonkoosh bracelet)
aqua linen skirt - j crew (a million years ago)
white t-shirt - old navy
brown wedge sandals - bass outlet

I made these new hoops for in the shop of the weekend and made a pair of the raw copper hoops for myself.  I've worn them nonstop.  They are definitely my new go-to pair of earrings.  Yay!

summer chinos - j crew outlet
navy and white striped t-shirt - old navy
navy short blazer - the loft (last spring)
brown moccasin flats - old navy
I took these pictures before I left for work and clearly didn't realize how blurry the full length one was.  Oops.


Anonymous said...

That bracelet is amazingly beautiful! I love finding other moms of twins, btw.:)

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

Your jewelry is gorgeous! I recently had my ears pierced again after being closed up for years...I cannot wait to be able to wear cute earrings ;-)

Karri said...

Another mom of twins (and a singleton) here!! That bracelet is GORGEOUS! wow!

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

that bracelet is amazing! Have a great day:)

Unknown said...

The bracelet is wonderful!!

Stacy said...

IWow, that bracelet is so cute! I like the turquoise skirt, too. :-)

Nicole Feliciano said...

Found you via the What I Wore linky--I'm thrilled to find all these stylish mamas still making an effort to show some flair. Love all your jewelry. If you want to see my shot check out:

Meagan At Fairly Fabulous said...

WOW! LOVE that bracelet. What is tied up memories? Etsy shop?

R&R San Diego said...

looking stunning as usual angie. :) i am dying over the bracelet. you know how much i love jewelry collage. :)

Tiedupmemories said...

You look darling! I had to come and see...someone contacted me on etsy and wanted your bracelet. She gave me your link. I haven't been blogging in awhile so I don't know if I was following you or not but Now I am! So sweet of you to feature that cuff. It looks fabulous with your outfit! You have a sweet blog!

Christine - Tutorial Addict :) said...

LOVE the second outfit, very pretty! And those earrings you made are SUPER cute!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

The collage bracelet is FAB!

twinkietotmom said...

Love love love the bracelet & the jackets!

Michele said...

The bracelet in the second photo is amazing! I love your new hoops. Great outfits :)

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

beautiful jewelry pieces in your shop!

Monica and Whitney said...

The bracelet is so fabulous!Lovin' your blog! Just found it on Pleated Poppy. Now following!

Hope you'll follow back!

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