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Sunday, May 1, 2011

And its Sunday.

And its Sunday.  And tomorrow is Monday.  Which means back to work...back to testing...back to the daily grind.  We have squeezed so much into this weekend (and I was still able to spend 90% of today in my pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand) that it hasn't felt much like a weekend.  Or maybe its really just that it felt like such a good productive weekend that I want more of it.  Maybe this was like a "gateway weekend" to what I hope my summer is...kind of like a gateway drug.

The culminating activity of the weekend?  We played softball outside, in our backyard, with the children and the dog.  And there was a slight breeze, it was the perfect temperature and we all enjoyed ourselves.  Although I did start aiming my pitches for Chandler's face when she told me I "played pretty good for someone my age."  I'll show you what someone "my age" can do, missy.  Oh, you just wait...I'll show you!

Quinn is still hunting his Easter eggs.  No lie.  Here he is, having a hunt in my bathroom...with Bikey in tow.

I also posted some new things in the shop today...  And there will be a few more new things throughout the week.  Yay!


Emily said...

I need those purple earrings. Need them. If you sell them, you must make more. And when I have money...which may be a long time from now...I will buy them.

sharonp said...

No, I need those! and the amazonite ones!