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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chandler, Part II

{Chandler, Fall 2010 by Stylized Portraiture}

Remember this child?  Chan?  I just talked about her last night?

Well, we've had quite the day.  

You know, Chris has had the girls in his classroom before and after school for 3 years now.  Today was the first day that they have gone to school with me and we ended up with 2 shots and 3 stitches.  

I had the girls peeling labels for me and Chan bites her nails, so I gave her a label peeler.  I sat with her on the floor, demonstrated how to use it, walked her through it and watched her do several of them on her own before leaving her to it.  And then she sliced the palm of her hand.  It bled.  I took her to the school nurse.  Nurse Tammy was fabulous, doctored her up, encouraged her to milk the injury for all it was worth and then told me that we might need to have it looked at.

Chan was fine for the rest of the day.

We came home.  Chris took one look at it and said we should take her.  So, Chan and I went to the immediate care (we LOVE the people at the immediate care!).  

Things were going well until the doctor announced that Chan did indeed need stitches.  And a shot to numb her hand first.  Then she lost it.  Like, really lost it.  The doctor, a really wonderful man, told Chan, very calmly and seriously, that she was allowed to scream as loud as she needed to, cry as much as she wanted to, call him many bad names, but she could NOT move her hand.

And so Chan buried her head in my chest, screamed like she was on Space Mountain and told me to "Hold her close and protect her from....that....that guy!!!!!"  That was the best bad name that she could come up with.  That guy!  But, she was quite the champ because she did not move a muscle during the whole thing.  

When it was all said and done, after the doctor came back in with the paperwork and follow up care directions, Chandler said to the nurse, "Tell that guy thank you from me, and, you know, that guy is my favorite."

We finished up the night with burgers, onion rings and blizzards from Dairy Queen.


sharonp said...

well when she relayed the story to me it was like, meh,no big deal. There was no mention of screaming. Moral of the story is that dairy queen can take the bad out of any memory.

Anonymous said...

WOW. What a night. Tell Chan I've never had stitches, and it totally freaks me out, so she is now officially my hero.