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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


{Chandler, Fall 2010... taken by Stylized Portraiture}

This is my beautiful, smart, funny, talented, kind and generous daughter, Chandler.  She recently won the Principal's Award for her class (I may have told you that).  So I know that she knows how to be good.  And how to keep her mouth shut.

We are day 4 into summer vacation for the kids and she may not live through the summer at the rate she's going.

Example #1
Quinn was playing a game on my phone.  Chandler wanted to play, so she tried to yank the phone away from Q.  He wouldn't let go.  So then there was a 9 year old and a 3 year old playing tug-o-war with my iphone.
Me:  Chandler.  You're 9 and he's 3.  Which one do you think should know better in this situation?
Chan:  Um, yeah....he's not 3 yet.

And then I threatened to hit her.  Chris stepped in and sent her to her room.  

Example #2
I took Casey to dance class tonight.  When we got home, Chris had dinner ready and we all sat down to eat.  Chris and I began talking about how there is this constant hum in our house.  
Chris:  I almost had to enforce a Quiet Rule while you were gone.  (looks at Chan)
Chan:  Whaaaaaaattttt????  Isn't this a free country?

Chris and I both stop eating and she continues talking...digging the hole deeper and deeper.  Until she finally stops...

Chan:  Maybe I should just stop talking now.
Me:  Really?  Ya think?
Chan:  Um, yeah, yeah I do.
Please pray for us.  And this child.


Crystal Farish said...

Oh girl . . . it's just starting. Fasten your seat belt. :) Good thing they are sooo adorable.

Land family said...

As the mother of a 9 year old and almost 11 year old girl, i agree with Crystal. Fasten your seat belt.

I had to laugh though-my girls' last day is tomorrow!